Fees and Advisory Services Summer Programmes

Advisory Services Included in the Basic Package

The services offered by TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO include advice on the most suitable language course and/or the activity programme for your child once considered the child’s special conditions and preferences, needs that parents wish to meet with his child’s stay on another country and the terms and conditions that each programme and the school that runs it demands.

Likewise, the services provided include the booking of a space, enrolling and registering the student and filling in all the necessary documentation to finally obtain a placement in the programme or camp selected.

In the case of non-residential language programmes and camps with homestay accommodation, we collaborate directly with our partner schools and collaborators in each country to choose the most suitable host family for the student’s nature.

Optional Services

As optional services we can buy the flight or train tickets, arrange with the schools for the students’ transfers on their arrival and departure and a tutoring service keeping continuous contact with the students’ teachers and monitors throughout their stay in the programmes.

Fees of the Basic Package

To start the search for the programme or summer camp you will need to pay a fee in advance for Advice, Management and Application in the amount of 250€+VAT.

These fees cover the costs of finding the most suitable summer programmes for the student, providing information on all the available camps or courses and accommodation options and, finally, suggesting the best options as well as the most suitable way of transport to reach the location where the camp or course takes place.

We also help and advise parents on how to complete and translate all the necessary documentation for the registration and booking, how to pay the booking and the final balance, and we proceed with all the necessary steps and monitor the students’ stay until the end.

Fees will be fully refundable in the event that the school running the programme selected by the student and his/her family is unable to offer the student one space.