School and Summer Programmes in Spain

Participating in a summer programme abroad is more than learning a language, it is feeling, sharing, enjoying and living it! Living with other students, both native and international, will enable your child to understand the language from its base; as well as understanding the culture and customs of the host country and of its peers.


In addition, spending a summer abroad, will allow your child to make friends for life from different parts of the world, to have a new perspective of its own country, to break with the routine and be able to learn from oneself and, finally, to expand the curricula since it will bring an international perspective to its studies.


TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers a unique opportunity for your child (and/or his/her family) to take advantage of the summer and improve its language level through our English, German or French programmes in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the United States; adapted to each child according to his/her age and to each adult according to his/her level.


Our programmes of activities and language courses abroad have been selected within the offers of the best schools and organizations in the countries of destination. They are aimed at children aged 7 onwards, teenagers and families; and combine high quality linguistic immersions with an active holiday, in an international environment and with accommodation in residences or with local families. They include classes and multiple activities in the chosen language and various day trips. Optional services such as transfers or unaccompanied minor services can also be hired.


Why choose a summer programme through TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO?


⇒Flexible and personalised programmes


TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO will help you find the perfect programme for your child, offering complete PERSONALIZED assistance and permanent support throughout the student’s stay. The course, destination, accommodation, travel dates, optional classes, and much more will be tailor made to the individual needs, personality, skills, hobbies and preferences of each student and his/her family.


⇒ Best centres


We exclusively work with long-established language schools and companies dedicated to accredited leisure activities, specialists in their areas of work and widely recognized internationally. We regularly visit partner centres to ensure a unique experience for our students and to ensure that they are in the best hands.


⇒ Motivating courses


Interesting and fun, classes are based on modern and interactive methods so that students can quickly improve their levels. In a motivating and international environment, we encourage our students to interact with other participants from around the world. Students are assigned to groups appropriate to their language proficiency.


⇒ Dynamic teachers


Learning with enthusiastic and experienced native speakers is the best way to learn a language, especially in the case of younger students. Each age group benefits from a different learning methodology and all teachers in our programmes are familiar with the needs of younger students.


⇒ Interesting and fun activities


Learning not only occurs in class. Our programmes include an excellent variety of activities suitable for all tastes. Group activities are ideal for building new friendships.


⇒ Excellent lodging options


Whether your child wants to socialize in a student residence in the city, stay in the camp’s facilities or share its day–to-day with a local family, we will find the perfect accommodation! For families travelling together, we offer lodging either with local families or in houses close to where the selected programme takes place.


⇒ Exhaustive support and service


We organize everything: classes, activities, meals, accommodation and supervision. Counsellors are available to our students throughout the duration of the programme, accompanying them during the trip from Spain or picking them up at the airport or station in the country of destination, and at their disposal until the end of the programme.


⇒ Specialised courses


Add extra activities to the summer programme with our specialised activities, which include performing arts, kitchen classes, web page design, public speaking or sports.


⇒ Supervision


Our responsible and enthusiastic counsellors watch over the safety and well-being of the participants, both during the daily activities and at night. The type of supervision will depend on each age group.


⇒ Great price-quality ratio


Prices include courses, accommodation with full board and several activities (some activities have an additional cost).


To receive more information on the different programmes, please contact us by phone at +34686189020 or by email at:


We will arrange an individual appointment free of charge or advise you by phone.