School Programmes

Year, Semester, Term, Beginning and End of School Year


Performing a full school year, a term or a shorter period abroad is not just a longer trip to a foreign country. It is more than learning a language, it is feeling it, sharing it, enjoying it and living it! Living with local students and students of many more nationalities and with native families will allow your child to understand the language from the base; as well as understand the culture and customs that characterize the host country.


In short, studying abroad is an experience that will open your child’s world forever, helping him to be more open and mature, and allowing him to make lifelong friendships. It is also the first step towards building a successful career.


TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers complete personalized assistance and permanent support throughout the student’s stay. The programme is tailor-made and takes into account the personality, abilities, hobbies, academic profile and preferences of each student.


TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers programmes for student ages 8 to 18, both in private and public schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and private schools in Germany and the USA, were students will be hosted in local families or boarding houses within the school’s premises. Programmes with one-year duration will be validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education.


We regularly visit the best schools in these countries and assess the experience of other students that have participated in the programmes offered by TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO.


Students of both the public and private schools with whom we work are local. The schools only accept a small number of foreign students. For this reason, places are covered quickly but guarantee a true linguistic and cultural immersion in local academic life. Students are incorporated into the life of the school like any other native student, performing all academic and extracurricular activities offered by the school.


It should be noted that a private school does not necessarily involve elitism but care for the student’s education. These institutions are characterized by maintaining a small number of students per classroom, a very low student / teacher ratio and constant preparation of staff. In short, a personalized dedication to the student.


Most British private schools offer the option to complete an extracurricular activity known as English as an Additional Language (EAL) throughout the term or school year. In some schools, the completion of these lessons is compulsory for all overseas students. In the case of German schools, foreign students also receive support during school hours to be able to follow the lessons easily. In those American schools that are used to receiving foreign students, reinforcement is also offered for the quick immersion in the school program.


International Baccalaureate is also within the programmes offered by TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO