Short Stay Programmes

Short Stay Programmes at the beginning and at the end of the academic year


TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers you two exceptional programmes if you want your child to experience the life of a local host family or the life at a boarding school or Internatsschule, and to attend classes like any other student at the host school.


The length of the short stay programme in order to accomplish the first weeks of one academic year in other country may be extended from two to six weeks, depending on the options offered by your child’s current school for him to be able to miss the first few weeks of that academic year.


This programme may be conducted in United Kingdom and Ireland, countries where the school usually starts at the beginning of September, and in Germany, where depending on the region in which the school is located, the school year can start from early August to early September.


On the other hand, the duration of the summer academic programme depends on when your child finishes school in his current school and when the school year ends at the host school. Parents can choose as starting date either when their children have finished their third-quarter exams and global exams (usually at the end of May) if their current school allows the student to miss the last weeks of the year, or the end of the school year (middle or end of June).


The summer academic programme can be requested for stays in the United Kingdom, where the school year usually ends in mid-July, and in Germany, where depending on the region, the school period finalises at some point between mid-June and late July. This programme has a maximum duration of eight weeks. TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO does not recommend this programme for Ireland, since the school year ends in mid June.

The advantage of these two short stay programmes is that the student lives along with Irish, British or German students so an authentic immersion in the lessons is guaranteed at a time when the school has a very active agenda (retreats for welcoming new students, excursions, end of the year trips, festivals, Speech Days, etc.). Also, they take advantage of the homestay experience or the life at a boarding school, not only when the lessons end but also during the weekends, participating in all the activities offered to students.

They are also very suitable programmes for those students who want to experience a few weeks of stay at a school in a foreign country before making the decision to take a full year course or a term course abroad.


If you are thinking of any of these two programmes for your child, please contact us so that we can guide you on the schools that best suit what you are looking for and the final price of each option.


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