United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a country that offers an enviable education compared to other countries. Students in the UK are encouraged to develop their independence, self-sufficiency and other skills that they will need for their future success in college and for adult life. Teachers will be there to support and encourage the student, but responsible study and personal projects are a fundamental part of school life.

This educational system follows a methodology based not only on increasing knowledge through study, but also on the reward of effort.

Unlike Spain, which takes into account the natural year of birth, in order to place the student in the UK system, the cut-off date is September 1st. A child born in October will take the same course in Spain and in the United Kingdom, but a child born in February, will be one year ahead in the UK. The exception is Scotland where the cut-off date is March 1st.

There are slight differences between the educational system in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Although the educational structure and contents are similar throughout the country, England and Wales follow the National Curriculum, the curriculum of Northern Ireland is an adaptation of the National Curriculum, and Scotland has its own Curriculum for Excellence. These curricula are applied in public schools. The independent, privately run centers are subject to regular inspections, as they do not have to follow the national curriculum thoroughly, but they must show that they offer a complete and adequate training.

In the United Kingdom, there are three categories of schools : State schools, Private Schools and the so-called “Public Schools” which are a type of schools known as “Selective Schools”, because the students have to sit entrance tests in order to be admitted.

For students with ages ranging 10 to 17, TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers the possibility of enjoying one academic year or a term in England, Wales or Scotland, studying and living in boarding schools.

To participate in the full academic year programme (three terms), the British authorities require that the student is under the guardianship of a legal representative during the entire period of stay in the United Kingdom (Guardian).

Both the State schools and the independent schools, with which we work, have a boarding house, so that the stay of the student always takes place within the tutoring of the school.

State schools are generally co-ed, while private schools can be female, male or co-ed.

The school year starts at the beginning of September and ends in the middle or end of July. It is normally divided into three terms with a half term break in the middle of each term. Many schools also have long weekends, exit or leave weekends, which are weekends in which boarding students must leave school on Friday at the end of lessons and cannot return until Sunday evening.

In State schools there is only the option of one or several full academic years but never a single term.

In case of private schools, apart from the possibility of taking one or several full academic years, students may also study a single term (preferably first or last) or a short period at the beginning or at the end of the school year.

Under this option, parents and students can choose a specific area of interest (for example STEM, science, technology, engineering and maths), a school that adapts to the academic profile of the student or that offers certain sports. This way, we can look for a school that offers the most suitable academic and co-curricular programme tailored to the needs of the student.

Admission requirements vary according to each school. This allows us to enroll students with higher or lower academic expectations. As well as students with higher or lower level of English, given that most of our schools offer lessons known as ESL / EAL (language learning support lessons).

All of our schools have a person responsible for maintaining direct contact with TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO that helps our students throughout the school year both with all matters related to academic or with personal issues. Our experience allows us to recommend, based on the objectives of each student, the most appropriate school.

Finally, we want to emphasize that these are not “international schools”, but schools with local students and where only a small number of foreign students are admitted. For this reason, places are covered quickly but guarantee a real English language fluency and a true cultural immersion in local academic life.


– Full year or term in private boarding schools, Monday to Sunday (full boarding).
– Full year in State boarding schools, Monday to Sunday (full boarding).
– International Baccalaureate in private boarding schools, Monday to Sunday (full boarding). 2-year duration.

– Full year in State boarding schools from 17.000€/year
State boarding schools do not charge tuition fees. They charge for boarding fees and for other concepts that need to be paid for: uniforms, text books, etc.
– Full year in private boarding schools from 25.000€/year
– Terms in private boarding schools from 8.300€/term

If you are thinking of one of our programmes in the United Kingdom for your child, please contact us so that we can guide you on the schools that best suit what you are looking for and the final price of each option

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