The German educational system is one of the most recognized at a European level. It is based on open, efficient and quality criteria and aims at promoting global development and student responsibility.

Studying in Germany will allow your child to learn the daily use of the language. This will be of great use if your child’s expectations are set on moving to this country. Although it is possible to live in Germany knowing only English, learning the native language will be necessary if you want to live fully with local people. For example, looking for a job will be easier because all documents you are asked to sign will be written in German.

Germany is the ideal destination for those students interested in mastering German. The centers are located in rural areas but always close to a city. Their teaching is aimed at promoting global development and student responsibility. In addition, Germany is a country highlighted by its history and culture which your child can absorb from the very beginning.

Sports are part of training and school life, so the indoor and outdoor sport facilities are an important part of German schools. Students will be able to choose from a wide selection of extracurricular activities: all schools and boarding schools in Germany have sports centers and grounds for practicing outdoor activities. Likewise, music is part of the curriculum and students have many opportunities to practice a musical instrument and participate in musical events.

In addition, all schools offer a wide variety of activities such as: sports, debate club, theatre, computer, singing, drawing and painting, ceramics, social services, etc.

German schools usually start the first week of September and end the last week of July. The school year is divided into two semesters. Apart from the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, German schools have a mid-term holiday (Schulferien).

One of the most common problems for students enrolling in a school year in Germany is the admission process, as requirements are strict. TU HIJO AL EXTRAJERO will help you overcome them in order to get a place for your child in those centers with which we work.

To help you, we will advise you in selecting the program and boarding school in Germany that best suit your child, and will manage all aspects relating to enrolment. In addition, we have personal tutors in Germany who guarantee the follow-up of the student throughout the entire academic year or term. We also offer validation services.

German Education System

Unlike other countries, Germany has always had an equal educational system. There are special schools for those with physical and mental disabilities, but there are no elitist schools like in France or the United Kingdom.

However, after the age of ten, the German educational system separates children into three different types of schools (Gymnasium, Realschule and Hauptschule) according to the level they have demonstrated during their first four years of school. Due to the different types of school and the importance given to the results, the German school system is very rigid and often criticized for determining the future of the child at a very young age, which is why some Länder have created other types of schools (Gesamtschulen) that integrate the three types of schools and where children are educated up to the age of 16.

In order to access university, secondary students have to take an exam (Abitur), similar to our EvAU, which can be done in the Gymnasium and the Gesamtschule. At the end of tenth grade (10.Klasse) in the Realschule and the ninth grade (9. Klasse) in the Hauptschule, students complete a dual vocational training that allows them to learn a trade in a company.

 Types of schools

Private boarding schools: All schools in Germany are co-ed. Although German boarding schools preferably provide the German educational system of the secondary stage (Gymnasium), there are also centers that offer the possibility of following the International Baccalaureate. The accommodation in boarding schools is in shared rooms according to the age and grade of the students.


LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Schools in Germany have a language support department so that international students receive the necessary support for learning German. This way they can join classes and make new friends without major problems.

FACILITIES, SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES: The facilities of private boarding schools in Germany are top-level. They are both academic and sports, perfect for enjoying their stay to the fullest.

Programmes we offer

– Full year or term in private boarding schools (Internatsschulen) from Monday to Sunday

– International Baccalaureate in private boarding schools, Internatsschulen, from Monday to Sunday.

The International Baccalaureate programme with a 2-year duration is offered by some schools in Germany. It can be followed in German or English. The option of taking these two years to obtain the Diploma in English is the perfect option for students who are not satisfied with exclusively master one language. It is a perfect option for Spanish students because it is not academically difficult for students that do not master German yet but ensure continuous contact with the German language, as the peers are native German speakers.


From 34.000 €/year and 10.000 €/term (in boarding schools)

Each private school has its own tuition fees.

If you are thinking of one of our programs in Germany for your child, please contact us so that we can guide you on the schools that best suit what you are looking for and the final price of each option

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