Spain is an incredibly special country that will capture your child´s heart from the moment he or she arrives. Full of surprises around every corner, it is a dynamic country with infinite possibilities. Its fascinating regions each offer a unique experience you must see for yourself. Learn Spanish in Spain to discover a country that offers everything your child could possibly look for in a place: good weather, a vibrant social life, the best food in the world, friendly inhabitants, rich culture and traditions, a fascinating history, and a varied landscape from the lush mountains of the north to the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. We guarantee your child will fall head-over-heels in love with this incredible land!.

TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers two different Primary and Secondary School Programmes in Madrid (the capital of Spain) for children aged 10 -18 years.

Our Inbound programs in Madrid are tailored to students from all over the world who want to live in Spain for a term or a school year and learn Spanish. Our local co-ordinator will be in close touch with each student.

We offer them a wonderful time either staying in a school residence or lodging with families. Pupils will enjoy the opportunity to experience a new culture, a different way of life and to make new international friendships whilst learning, improving or developing fluency in another language. It is the perfect combination of classes, communal living and activity for encouraging the desire to learn.

We hold an Orientation Course for our students in Madrid in the first week of September before the beginning of the academic year and organize trips and different activities at weekends during the school year.

What do our Programmes consist of?

Spanish Culture Programme: Our two programmes include Spanish language support, helping the students to improve their fluency in Spanish. We also prepare students to ensure their success in official external Spanish language examinations.

Tailored Programme: Students can individually tailor their own programme, choosing subjects and courses that are the best match for their academic interests. Our co-ordinator helps them in this task.

TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers two programmes in Madrid, depending on the lodging option:

* Homestay Accommodation:  This programme takes place at Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas School. The Maravillas School is a catholic private day school for children from 3 to 18 years of age located in the centre of Madrid that belongs to the Lasallian international education network.

The curriculum of Maravillas School is inclusive, planned, practical and contemporary. The curriculum emphasizes excellence in all its dimensions and is directed to the acceptance of civic responsibility. The curriculum caters for specific individual needs, especially for students considered most ‘at risk”.

Maravillas School recognizes that teachers are the prime agents in the student’s school-based learning.

Academic achievement is central to Maravillas School and its outstanding results in State Examinations and in securing seventh place in the list of the 100 best private schools in Spain (third place in Madrid), speak for themselves.

The Maravillas school’s aim to promote and improve English language education and excellence in all its programmes, has been awarded both the Reference Model level of the bilingual education programme, BEDA (Bilingual English Development and Assessment) co-ordinated by Cambridge English Language Assessment and the Excellence Model Of the European Foundation For Quality Management (EFQM, 2005+). Starting in the first year of Secondary Education the study of the French language is added.

The School works hard to create an environment in which all students can fulfil their potential, teaching a mostly traditional curriculum which is both broad and balanced.  Students have the opportunity to pursue a range of subject areas depending on their interests and abilities.  Both academic achievement and diligence are rewarded.

Class sizes are small with careful monitoring of progress, regular reporting and excellent communication channels between Academic Year Heads and parents.

Maravillas School embraces modern approaches to education which are evident in its Co-Operative Learning Approach and the cutting edge facilities in the Science, Art and Technology classrooms.  Such a collaborative approach to learning has led to different partnerships with major companies from environment, energy & sustainability, ICT, Innovation & creativity in business management sectors, among others.

Among the Enrichment Programmes that Maravillas School offers along with the compulsory programmes of study are:

– Arts Programme

– Mindfulness

– Traditional games

– Co-operative learning

– Project-based learning

– Innovation and creativity management

– BuildIt

– Talentum Schools

– Da VINCI for highly talented students

– TIC Programmes (Programa Snappet, Surface-Microsoft, IPad: One to one)

– Crear

Students that have chosen the option of homestay accommodation become a part of a Spanish host family. They attend Maravillas School from 8:50 am to 17:30 pm and they can also participate in all extra-curricular activities at lunch break or after school and return to their host families every evening. This programme includes weekend activities organised by TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO.

Students usually spend one day of the weekend with their host families. Mostly host families’ own children go to Maravillas School as do the international students that stay with them. There is only one international student with each host family. Most host families live within 20-30 minutes of the school on foot or by public transport.

This is a great way to help students practise their Spanish naturally while sharing family meals and experiencing Spanish culture first hand. We visit all our host families regularly to make sure the accommodation they offer is of the highest standard.

Homestay families provide two meals a day, included in the price of the accommodation. Every day the student eats with members of the host family at breakfast and in the evening, and has meals together at weekends when there are no programmed activities for the international group.

* School Residence: This programme takes place at International SEK-El Castillo School. The school and residential facilities are located in an exclusive residential area in the north west of Madrid, just 20 minutes from the city centre.

This international school is a bilingual (English-Spanish) private, non-denominational, independent, co-educational school for children from 0 to 18 years of age. Starting from the 5th year of Primary Education the study of a third language is added: French or German.

SEK-El Castillo is a part of the IB® World Schools International Community. The International Baccalaureate® programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years, Diploma programmes) are offered from 3 up to 18 years of age, integrated with the national curriculum. Baccalaureate pupils can choose to do the Baccalaureate Programme under Spanish education legislation (LOMCE), the LOMCE Baccalaureate Programme enhanced with subjects in English from the Diploma Programme or the IB® Diploma Programme in English.


SEK-El Castillo offers a linguistic and cultural immersion programme in Spain, “Secondary School Abroad”, aimed at students of between 12 and 18 years of age who wish to study for a term or an academic year in Spain.  Students choose the subjects and courses best suited for their academic programme. Children under 12 years of age can also join the school. They will not take part in a special programme for international students but they will mix with the locals as one of them.

Why International School SEK-El Castillo?

– Students live in residence on campus, where students of 15 different nationalities are housed, guaranteeing the greatest possible immersion in our language and culture. International students stay in rooms with Spanish students.

– During their stay communication between the school and families will be permanent: families will be informed, in English or Spanish on the adaptation and evolution of students.

– Enjoy the perfect combination of classes, fellowship and activities that ensure maximum immersion in the Spanish language and culture.

– Commitment to quality: all combined it with International Baccalaureate programmes.

– To ensure their rapid integration during the first few weeks, new students are assigned a native student buddy to support them from day to day and help answer their questions.

Activities at SEK-El Castillo

The curriculum is complemented by an extensive programme of activities:

– Cultural activities. These include excursions and guided tours to museums, monuments and major Spanish cultural sites: the Prado Museum, Royal Palace, National Library, Toledo, Ávila, etc.

– Recreational activities, shows and leisure: Trips to the theatre, cinema, sports events, visit to the Madrid theme park, etc.

– Sports activities: When the school day is over, students can practise their favourite sports with specialist coaches in the school’s facilities or those of the SEK Club: some of the options available include swimming, tennis, golf and gym.


* Maravillas School

School fees and home stay per month: 1,500€ (regardless of holidays. Cost of school trips and extra activities not included)

Enrollment and Registration Fees: 450€ (non-refundable)

TUHIJOALEXTRANJERO Guardian&Welfare services: 2.000€+VAT (annual lump sum)

* SEK-El Castillo

School fees and boarding stay: 2,200 € (regardless of holidays)

Enrollment and Registration Fees: 600 € (non-refundable)

TUHIJOALEXTRANJERO Guardian&Welfare services: 1,000€+VAT (annual lump sum)


Fees of both Programmes include:

– Transfer: a collection and transfer service is available from airports and main train stations

– Tuition and full boarding/home stay.

– Learning materials provided by the school.

– School insurance and medical service.

– Supporting teachers in the boarding facilities during school days and weekends

– Supporting teachers in the day school during school days and our local coordinator at students’ and host families’ disposal during the school year (including weekends).

– Field trips associated with curriculum

– Trips and activities at weekends

–  Orientation course before the school starts

– Provision of our local co-ordinators’support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (including holidays).

– Travel arrangements in case of emergency

– Regular parents’ support in their home country


For the latest information on both programmes, prices and availability please contact TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO on +34 686189020 and