Fees and Advisory Services

TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO focuses on personalized advice and permanent support throughout the student’s stay at destination.

Our programmes are practically “tailor-made”. To this end, we first have an interview with you and your child so that we can learn in detail the personal, social and educational characteristics of the child; as well as his skills, hobbies and preferences and the needs parents wants to meet with the programme.

There is a wide variety of programmes available to study abroad. However, a mistake choosing the right school or host family can cause that the economic and personal effort of both student and his family is useless.

The admission process in a foreign school is a long and meticulous and should be left in the hands of professionals so that no unforeseen events arise. TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO takes care of everything: we translate and send all the necessary documentation for the admission, we coordinate interviews and / or entrance tests; and we maintain a continuous contact with the admission staff of each school.

 Services provided by TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO include:

– General orientation: Introduction to the educational system of the host country, structure of the most common programmes and information on the admission process in the selected school.

– Analysis of the child’s academic path through the assessment of the most recent grades, to evaluate and advise on the possibilities to carry out the desired programme or to be admitted in certain schools.

– Selection of schools: Preliminary selection of the most appropriate schools according to the preferences, objectives and profile of the student. If you want your child to complete the school year in a specific school, we also manage – taking into account your indications – the admission process.

– Specific information: Detailed documentation about the school curriculum and the programme chosen in each of the selected schools and their admission process. This information includes topics such as the content of the courses, activities within school hours and extracurricular activities, financial information – costs, possibility of scholarships and application procedure, etc.-, possibility of taking official exams during the stay, uniforms, school calendar and holidays, necessity of having a legal guardian, etc.

– Support in the admission process in the school finally selected by the family. This support includes:

^ Information on required entrance tests (both academic and language knowledge) and advice on the interview with the host school.

^ Assistance in the translation of all the necessary documentation that needs to be submitted to the host school (academic record, home school information, letter of recommendation from the teachers of the home school, etc.) and in the completion of all forms (health and medical records, guardian contact information, authorizations for school trips, enrolment in extracurricular activities, allowance authorizations, etc.).

^ Direct delivery of this documentation to the admission department of the host school and monitoring of the admission process (exams, interview, payment of the reservation fee, etc.).

– If the student has applied to more than one school, we will communicate the results in the entrance tests and assist in the final choice.

– Arrangements for the student’s and his family’s visit to the school and boarding house and / or possible visit to the host family.

– Assistance if the extension of your child’s stay: enquiry about this extension, enrolment, choice of subjects, payment methods, financial aid, etc.

Optional Services

TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO also offers, upon request, the following services adapted to your needs. These services are provided both from Spain and by our support staff abroad:

* Purchase of uniform and sport garments, school supplies or houseware for the boarding house

* Tutorial

* Follow-up

* Unaccompanied minor services and transfers

* Guardian service

* Validation of studies

* Applitaction for a student visa

In many of our host schools, school uniform is mandatory. In addition, if your programme includes accommodation in the boarding house, many schools request that students have certain houseware (such as safe boxes for personal items, special bags for the laundry, etc.) and bed linen. TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO can also oversee to buy uniforms and sport clothes as well as the rest of things requested by the school throughout the duration of the programme.

Within the option of tutoring and follow-up, we manage the purchase of airline tickets, transfers, escorted services on flights, authorizations to leave school to go to friends’ houses, weekend stays outside the school, arrangement for holidays and Exeat or Leave weekends, continuous contact with the teachers and tutors of the school and the boarding house staff, etc.

In some countries, certain schools require that foreign students have a guardian residing in the host country (essential requirement for programmes in the United Kingdom). TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers you the search of the best guardians that can facilitate your child’s adaption in a new school and country and take care of him both during the leave weekends and half term and bank holidays and in the event that a problem arises that prevents the child from staying at the boarding school. These people can also take care of the transfers within the country. The cost of this service will be paid directly to the guardian or to the company that offers this guardianship service.

For those countries outside the European Union where a student visa application is required, TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO collaborates with the specialized immigration law firms in each country and with the foreign embassies in Spain to make this procedure as easy as possible for the families.

Apart from supervising the academic progress of your child throughout the school year, TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO directly manages the validation of studies through the Ministry of Education or responsible institution of the student home country. This validation includes advising the student beforehand of the choice of the necessary subjects so that the validation of the school year abroad does not imply any problem.

For detailed information on the escorted transfers for young students, go to the link from the main page.

Fees of the Basic Package: Short Stay, School Term or Full Year Programmes

* Advisory fee on the short stay programmes, school term or full year programmes:


This amount will be paid to TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO at the time of the first interview with the student and their parents. With this interview we want to learn about the academic, personal and social profile of the student as well as hobbies and conditions set by parents.

Payment of the advisory fee allows TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO to start its search of schools in the desired country of destination and covers all expenses related to contact with them.

If we are not able to offer an option to the student, the amount will be totally reimbursed. However, if at least three choices of schools adjusted to the student’s needs are offered but none of them are to the liking of the family or the student, the amount will not be returned.

Detailed information on the school year or term or short stay, on the most suitable program for the student in each of the selected schools, and on the admission process will be provided once the advisory fee has been paid.

* Management and application fee and advice thereafter:

500€+VAT (short stay programme)

800€+VAT (school term programme)

1.100€+VAT (school year programme)

Once the student and his family are offered the preliminary choices of the most appropriate schools, a management and application fee must be paid. We will then proceed to assist you in the admission process within the selected schools and register the student in the school finally selected.

This fee covers full advice from TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO, including all the services within the basic package. It will only be paid if a place is offered in the school chosen by the student. Payment will be made at the time of CONFIRMATION of a placement by the school.

Detailed rates for Optional Services will be provided upon parent’s request.