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Our two High School Programmes offer an academic semester or a complete academic year in the USA for students between the ages of 11 and 18 and are held in one of our private associate schools across USA. They seek educational excellence based on the study in high quality centres. Another equally important objective of these programmes are for your child to experience the American culture, its customs, sports, and the rhythm of life in its cities.Parents can choose either stays at boarding schools/colleges or stays at hostfamilies’.


TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers two different programmes in USA.

Homestay programme does not offer on-campus residential facilities. Instead, through our homestay program, international students stay with a local American family for the school year. We work with 6 partner schools in Sarasota, State of Florida, two of which are high level academic centres specialized in preparing American students for their access to university


Boarding Programme. With boarders in Grades 7-12 from more than 80 countries, the programme offers diversity and a sense of family that enhances the experience of living abroad in our partner boarding school located in different States of USA. Shuttle buses transport boarding students to their respective campuses for school and other activities.


If students chose the homestay programme in day schools in Sarasota they will live with local families. Families are assigned according to the interests of the student. It is important that the student speaks with them, and participates in their day to day chores, so that he will acquire the privileges of being part of their family. All our host families have got  many years of experience receiving foreign students.


If student choses the boarding programme in our partner boarding Schools, colleges and academies across USA he will benefit from an excellence pastoral care, great sport opportunities, a wide choice of education pathways, learning how to become independent, etc.


In both programmes students will close friendships and connections with their local or boarding ‘family’. They will have the benefit of having many shared experiences through the enormous extra curricular offering and of getting to know a fascinating country and learning its language.


Since the programme is carried out in a private high school, the necessary visa is the I-20 that allows your child to leave and enter the US during school holidays and offers the possibility of studying at the school for more than one academic year.


The US educational system


In the United States, the Government is quite decentralized and the control of many public functions, such as school education, depends primarily on States and countries. They have retained control over the content of study programmes and educational methodologies; In fact, federal law prohibits the United States government from interfering in these areas. However, the Federal Government creates and implements legislation related to education and has an impact on the implementation of laws and regulations through the funds allocated to States for public education.


Broadly speaking, the American educational system includes 12 years or “grades” (1st -12th) of education prior to admission to higher education. These are divided into three stages:


– Elementary school: 5 grades, from ages 6 to 11 (1st-5th grades)

– Middle school: 3 grades, from ages 12 to 14 (6th-8th grades)

High school: 4 grades, from ages 14 to 18 (9th-12th grades)


At the end of the 12th grade students get their graduation diploma. Often, this is not enough to access a good university, and students must perform additional exams depending on the area they want to study.


In our Programmes the student can join the high school in any of the four school years, but will need a visa to do so. Once the 12th grade is over, students can continue with higher education in US.


The school calendar in the United States usually starts at the beginning of August and ends at the end of May or beginning of June.


Studying in an American high school is one of the most important parts of our programmes and the one your child will enjoy the most. The student will attend a typical day or boarding school and will integrate as one more. The student can attend small or large schools and in both cases will enjoy a unique experience. The American educational system is very different from the Spanish. Your child can choose from a wide variety of subjects. In addition all schools have many facilities with multiple options for extracurricular activities. The educational system is very motivating, the teacher / student ratio is not very large and your child will have the support of teachers throughout the program.


The class schedule takes place between 7:30 and 15:00 approximately. Lunch is at 12:00. The afternoons and evenings are usually spent on sport activities.


The school year is usually divided into two semesters and students have 5 to 7 subjects each semester.


Where do the programmes take place?


The homestay programme is held in the town of Sarasota, located in southwest Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, two and a half hours from Miami, 45 minutes from Tampa and an hour and a half from Walt Disney World. Sarasota is known in the US for its white sand beaches, for its more than 65 golf courses, and for having been chosen at the beginning of the 20th century by the Ringling brothers to house its circus (Ringling Brothers Circus).


It started as a small border town, becoming – over time – a point of attraction for the most famous people in the US, who have helped shape the lifestyle and personality of this city.


Nowadays Sarasota is an exceptional tourist and cultural centre offering its visitors its beautiful beaches, accommodation of the highest level, as well as a great variety of cultural, artistic and sporting proposals.


You can find the most exquisite art collections and practice the most exotic sports such as scuba diving, water skiing or simply taking a boat ride. Sarasota still retains the charm of a small southern city while offering all the comforts of a large and cosmopolitan city.


The boarding programme might be held in different boarding schools, colleges and academies nearly all over the country. Tu Hijo al Extranjero has a close relationship with all these residential centers .




Homestay Programme Price

From 25,000 US $, full academic year

From 14,000 US $, semester (August-December)


Boarding Programme Price

From 52,000 US $, full academic year

From 25,000 US $, semester (August-December)


Final price will depend on the school finally selected by the student.


Prices include:


– Advice on the educational center most suited to the profile of the student and enrollment in the chosen school

– Personal interview and English test

– Host family/boarding accommodation

– Admission of outstanding students in 12th grade to obtain the High School Diploma

– All our partner schools have more than 150 students

– Validation of academic results in US as well as in home country of the student

– Supervision throughout the programme by the teachers and other responsible staff of the school

– Support in the visa application

– The choice of certain subjects, sports or hobbies require the payment of an additional fee

– A local coordinator will always be available for both your child and the host American family or the house parents at the boarding school

– 24-hour emergency telephone


If you are thinking of one of our programmes in the US, please contact us so that we can guide you on the schools that best suit what you are looking for and the final price of each option.


TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO Tel.: +34 686189020 / email: info@tuhijoalextranjero.com