Junior Spanish Summer Camps


Spain is an incredibly special country that will capture your child´s heart from the moment he or she arrives. Full of surprises around every corner, it is a dynamic country with infinite possibilities. Its fascinating regions each offer a unique experience your child must see for himself. Learn Spanish in Spain to discover a country that offers everything your child could possibly look for in a place to live: good weather, a vibrant social life, the best food in the world, friendly inhabitants, rich culture and traditions, a fascinating history, and a varied landscape from the lush mountains of the north to the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. We guarantee your child will fall head-over-heals in love with this incredible land!

TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers a unique opportunity for younger students to learn Spanish and to experience a great summer holiday in Spain. If your child is between 9 and 18 years old, he or she can now participate in our Summer Programmes in Spain and enjoy an educational holiday at some of the best facilities available. More than 90% of the campers are Spanish children therefore this is a period of intensive exposure abroad for your child.

Our summer programs are available in many different locations in Spain.

Our well-structured programs offer a combination of Spanish language courses and a full schedule of sports and leisure activities, making these courses a real vacation for youngsters. When international students choose this signature option, Spanish and international students are only separated during their morning Spanish classes. They’ll experience everything else together. Our summer language courses are organized into a minimum of 20 lessons per week, with 4 or more lessons every day, Monday through Friday. Each class is 45 minutes in length, and it is set a maximum of 10 students per class in order to ensure individualized attention. The carefully designed curriculum emphasizes conversation and communication, so that students may take full advantage of their surroundings and apply what they’re learning by speaking with friends during the remainder of the day.

All participants will participate in sports and activities, and make friends from all around Spain, creating a perfect atmosphere for the development of language skills and the exchange of the two cultures. Our activity program is designed and scheduled to ensure that campers participate in as many sports, workshops and recreational activities as possible. All activities are always designed to be age-appropriate.

Each two-week session usually includes two full day and two half-day excursions to nearby sites of interest in the vicinity of the venues where the programmes are held. These trips introduce students to the great diversity of Spanish culture, food and geography, and aim to take full advantage of the special attractions around the programme venues.

TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO offers three different Programme Options:

Residential Programme: Living, studying, playing and practicing Spanish 24 hours a day in a totally Spanish environment, students will learn interpersonal and linguistic skills to last a lifetime. Spanish and international students share sports, cultural workshops, recreational activities, excursions, meals and more. It’s the perfect recipe for making life-long friends from all over Spain.

Day Programme: Are you going to be in Spain with your children for the summer? If so, the Day Programme may be a right choice for you and your children. This option is designed so students can attend all programme activities during the day and return to their families at night. Day students take part in all the same classes, sports, workshops, excursions, etc. with residential students from about 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, but they will stay with their families at night and on the weekends. Lunch and snack are included. Transportation to and from the Camp is optional.

Homestay Programme: Students 9 years old and up can choose to become a part of a Spanish host family. From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm they also participate in all programme activities and return to their host families every night. This programme does not include weekends at the venue. Instead, the students spend this time with their host families. Host families’ own children usually attend the same programmes as the international students that stay with them. There is only one international student with each host family.


The Spanish summer programmes are two week or a monthly course arranged during the months of (latter) June, July and August. Students can sign up for two weeks, one or several months as the courses are arranged independently.

The prices of the programmes vary according to the option chosen, the duration and location of the programme.

All included in the price: tuition, accommodation, activities, excursions, 3 meals/day, books, study material, health insurance, sports & supervision.

For the latest information on programmes, prices and availability please contact TU HIJO AL EXTRANJERO on +34 686189020 and info@tuhijoalextranjero.com